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The Australian Economics Olympiad (AEO) is a series of fun, challenging activities aimed at refining and testing high school students’ mastery of economics.  The AEO builds on and tests students’ knowledge and problem-solving abilities in economics and develops their skills in applying economic facts and reasoning to problems in policy, business, and finance.


Not just a competition, the AEO serves to improve economics education among high school students in Australia. 

In particular, the AEO is designed to:

Promote logical thinking skills and the creative application of general knowledge to solving problems in policy, business, and finance;

Discover, encourage, unite, challenge and give recognition to young people who are exceptionally talented in economics;

Enhance awareness of economics education and encourage mutual support among young people interested in economics and their teachers.

Learning Resources

Core Econ

The vision of CORE (Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics) is that a radically transformed economics education can contribute to a more just, sustainable and democratic world, in which future citizens are empowered by economics to better understand and debate solutions to pressing societal problems.

The free resources on CORE’s website are strongly recommended to all participants in the AEO and other high school students interested in economics.

Core Econ

As one of the main organisers and sponsors of the AEO, the Consortium for Inclusive Economics Education (CIEE) at UNSW Business School provides a wide range of resources for economics students and teachers in Australia. Its mission is “to promote inclusion, equity, and quality in economics education and economic literacy.”

The CIEE also organises other events throughout the year, including student outreach activities and professional development for economics teachers.

Australian Economics Olympiad (AEO) 2024

First Round

All participants will sit a 2-hour long test consisting of both multiple-choice and short-answer questions covering important concepts in microeconomics and macroeconomics and their applications.
The top 40 performers in the First Round from across Australia will be invited to enter the Second Round.

First Round test date: 1 June 2024
First Round test time: 11am, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
Format: In-person at participants’ own schools

Second Round

The 40 top performers from the First Round will be grouped randomly into 5-person teams to work on an economic case study and give a presentation within 48 hours of receiving the case material, to be judged by a panel of expert professional economists.

Students’ results in both the First Round and the Second Round of testing will be considered in selecting five national winners of the AEO 2024.

Second Round date: 15 June 2024
Second Round time: The case materials and judging criteria will be sent to each team on 13 June 2024 and the presentations will begin on the morning of 15 June 2024 (AEST).
Format: Online

The registration deadline of the AEO 2024 has passed. 

AEO Information Sheet

Please download this document for the structure of AEO competition, award information, and sample questions.


Registrations for the AEO can only be done through school teachers, who will then need to organise and invigilate the test in individual schools.

The registration deadline of the AEO 2024 has now passed.  

The registration fee for each student is $25.

About Us

The AEO is managed by Economics Olympiad Australia Incorporated and jointly supported by the following organisations.
UNSW Business School


UNSW Business School equips the next generation of business professionals with the skills to thrive in a constantly changing world. Students are offered an extensive choice of programs designed to equip them for the contemporary workplace, including in emerging fields such as digital literacy, cybersecurity, business analytics, organisational agility, workforce flexibility, innovation and entrepreneurialism.


The Consortium for Inclusive Economics Education aims to provide a centralised network of economics education resources and opportunities tailored to existing and prospective students and teachers of secondary economics.  The goals of the CIEE are to support equal access to student success in economics; to raise awareness and understanding of the broad applications of economics; to provide outreach events and resources to teachers and students of economics; and to coordinate local, national, and global opportunities for collaboration in the teaching and learning of economics.

Elite Admission Consulting


Elite Admission Consulting is a leading Australian education consultancy which provides professional and personalised college and graduate school admission consulting and standardized test preparation services for aspiring students around the world. EAC organised the first Australian Economics Olympiad in 2021 and continues to support the event.